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Transparency all the way!

Above all, we are transparent. WhatsApp Aero and all other Aero apps codes are unencrypted and publicly available. If you wish, you can analyze the codes of Aero apps or have someone you know analyze them. You can reach detailed articles and programs on how to analyze the Aero apps codes with the help of the button below.

WA Aero Features


You can hide blue ticks (message read tick), 2nd ticks (message sent tick), online status, story views, blue microphone, "recording...", "writing..." and more.


You can send automatic replies to messages with the auto message reply feature or you can create scheduled messages with the message scheduler feature and send them whenever you want.


Messages will not be deleted with the "Anti-Delete Messages" feature from your chats even if they delete their messages and stories will not be deleted with the "Anti-Delete Status" feature from your WhatsApp even if they delete their stories.


WhatsApp Aero already has thousands of themes and dozens of themes are created for WhatsApp Aero every day voluntarily by Aero lovers. ❤️

You can download thousands of amazing themes from WhatsApp Aero or follow Aero's theme channel. Click to follow official WhatsApp Aero theme channel.


You can take advantage of enhanced lock options down to fingerprints to keep your chats safe with WhatsApp Aero. You can lock or hide your chats with password.

Aero Widget

You can access the Aero Privileges page and your profile, make yourself online & offline, see your status and name without entering the WhatsApp app with the special widget of WhatsApp Aero.


You can choose and use any of the default WhatsApp Emojis, Facebook Emojis, One Emojis, Android O Emojis and iOS Emojis.

Language Diversity

WhatsApp Aero supports many languages.

Hide Media

You can hide all incoming and outgoing videos, pictures and GIF files from your gallery and view them only on WhatsApp with WhatsApp Aero.

And much more...

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